PMO Services

PMO Services

Let your program and project managers focus on managing your project stakeholders, managing the team, managing change and demining risks and issues. CarlSeiller will support him/her in his day-to-day activities and provide him with the necessary quality information and timely updates to drive his/her program or project. CarlSeiller PMOs are much more than an administrative assistant as they add value to your project by fully taking care of your project schedule, accounting, charter, management plans, logs…

Project Scheduling

Based on WBS, estimation, constraints, and resource allocation provided by your experienced project managers, CarlSeiller PMO will setup your project schedule in standard project scheduling software like MS Project, Augeo, PSNext, Clarity… Periodically, CarlSeiller PMO gathers team timesheets, integrate actuals in the project schedule and explain challenges like over-allocations, delay, etc. to the project manager for him to decide on corrective actions (fast tracking, crashing, de-scoping…). On request, CarlSeiller PMO can provide project KPI’s like earned value SPI and CPI.

Project Accounting

CarlSeiller PMO will keep your project cost up to date so that your project managers can accurately assess and monitor project budgets and ensure that the project is proceeding on budget. Project managers can quickly address any cost overruns and revise budgets if necessary. CarlSeiller PMO are knowledgeable in both cash and accrual project accounting. CarlSeiller PMO can take care of your project accounting in CarlSeiller Project Accounting Spreadsheets or in your own Project Accounting software

Project Documentation and Reporting

Based on information received from the project as well as CarlSeiller reusable assets, CarlSeiller PMO can finalize the project documentation like the project brief or project charter, project management plan, scope management plan, quality management plan, etc. The documentation can be adapted to environments where compliance is at stake (SOX, FDA, etc.). Based on the risk, issue and change log, the project scheduling, the project accounting as well as additional information provided by the project manager, CarlSeiller PMO will prepare the weekly project management meeting as well as the monthly steering committee.

Action and Task Follow up

Project Management in 5 phases can be summarised as follows: plan the work, work the plan, work the plan, work the plan, work the plan. CarlSeiller PMO will help the project manager to track all actions and tasks assigned respectively in the Risk, Action, Issue, Dependency log and the Project Planning. The Services described on this page are a sample of CarlSeiller PMO available services