Services to the organization

CarlSeiller delivers services that will support and improve your Project Management Organization by auditing your ongoing projects, analyzing lessons learned and organizing the appropriate communication to trigger the required changes within your Project Management Community.

You want to create a more permanent PMOffice (PMO) in your organization? CarlSeiller will organize this as a standard offering, plugging it into your organization. You want to integrate this approach with existing portfolio management, project management, time registration and planning tools? 


CarlSeiller’s Full Audit Service will assess the quality of project and process management on a project or program. The program or project is scored based on the adherence to Project Management methodology. The main risks from a project management viewpoint are identified and mitigation actions are formulated.

If you want a detailed and deep post-project analysis, then CarlSeiller’s Post-Implementation/Post Go-Live audit will do just that by reviewing all existing program or project material, organizing a survey with all program and project stakeholders, analyzing results and debriefing stakeholders via a detailed post-implementation audit report.

Lessons Learned

Every organization should aspire to be a ‘learning organization’. One of the elements contributing to that objective is implementing a lessons learned dynamic, that surveys programs and projects at well-chosen milestones on the lessons that were learned during the project. These lessons learned will be transformed into action items, benefitting the remainder of the project or will result in organization-wide short- and long-term improvement actions. CarlSeiller will implement this dynamics into the organization and each program and project.


Program and project managers should not only be informed about new procedures, audit remediation actions and lessons learned. The PM Organization will benefit from setting up a 2-way communication with program and project managers. CarlSeiller has the experience to set up this communication by establishing and animating a PM Community through meetings, newsletters, flash reports and setting up and promoting organization-internal social media.


CarlSeiller will organize first & second line support to support your PM Organization on questions regarding standards and templates, tools and applications in use in your organization.  CarlSeiller will complement this with Subject Matter Expert activities, providing third-line support for areas like PM Methodologies, Application Implementation Methodologies, Project Accounting, etc.