Training and Coaching

Services to Project Manager

Develop the PM potential and skill-level in your company by enhancing your Program & Project Managers project management skills. This will strengthen their performance on the program or project they are leading and at the same time coach them to an improved performance level for their future assignments. 


CarlSeiller provides training to your Program & Project Managers based on the requirements in their existing or future assignments. We provide PM Methodology « Awareness » & « Practitioner » Trainings on PMI Project Management Principles spanning the basics of PMI knowledge areas and a comprehensive in depth coverage of these areas based on case studies.



We provide Coaching for New Project Start-ups (NPS) which is a workshop based collaboration effort to prepare a Project Manager and his team on the upcoming project, looking at the available logistics and methodology. Based on the NPS and previous month’s follow-up reports, project manager is coached on delivering the corrective actions.