Digital transformation

Digital transformation is a word we hear so much these days. Some company feels they have accomplished a digital transformation because they have a web site, an online presence and sell products or services online. That’s a start. But just a start

Digital transformation of a business is a change in the way you approach things: the way you get organized, the way people interact, the way you use available data to take your business to the next level.

In other words, it’s a business opportunity. Should you think otherwise, you might be right today; but tomorrow? and tomorrow is really tomorrow

CarlSeiller can assist you in the digital journey and can, for example, help you with

  • Creation of an online presence for selling product and service efficiently online
  • Have the right online presence and define the right marketing mix between traditional and digital marketing actions
  • Organize remote working
  • Centralize, understand and use customer data for improved selling efficiency
  • Reduce paper use in a cost effective and eco friendly transition
  • Develop new digital services to increase cross selling: mobile apps, IoT, machine learning…
  • Automate repetitive task to focus on value adding activities
  • Train and coach employees to the new digital world

CarlSeiller can assit you with defining the strategy, defining the projects, choosing the products, implementing the projects, training employees and auditing the results